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NAS Casebook 2023 highlights the vital role of Independent Advocacy in Ireland

January 15, 2024

The latest Casebook from the National Advocacy Service (NAS) and the Patient Advocacy Service highlights the vital role of Independent Advocacy in Ireland.

NAS and the Patient Advocacy Service have released our second annual Casebook. The Casebook provides a comprehensive overview of the crucial work undertaken by both services, highlighting the positive impact of independent advocacy on individuals’ lives and the protection of their human rights.

The Casebook is a joint publication by NAS & the Patient Advocacy Service and offers a unique glimpse into the diverse range of issues that both NAS and the Patient Advocacy Service have supported people with over the last 12 months. Each case example demonstrates how Advocates in both services help bridge gaps in systems, ensure best practice across public services, promote positive systemic changes and show how independent advocacy has a positive impact both for individuals and in communities across Ireland. The Casebook covers topics such as access to justice, capacity building, parenting with a disability, housing and healthcare & nursing home complaints.

The release of the first casebook in 2022 brought focus on the significant work accomplished by NAS and the Patient Advocacy Service. Following its success and the positive feedback received, the Casebook has now become an annual publication, providing a platform to showcase the ongoing efforts of NAS and the Patient Advocacy service in representing and empowering individuals and safeguarding their rights.

In addition, this year’s Casebook features a collection of ‘Access to Finance’ cases from NAS, showcasing the increasing advocacy needs related to financial autonomy. These cases are part of NAS’s forthcoming social policy paper entitled “Examining the Barriers to Equal Access to Finances for People with Disabilities, in line with their Human Rights.” This focus also incorporates an Easy-to-Read booklet to support people to understand their financial rights.

Joanne Condon, National Manager with NAS said:

We are delighted to share the second Casebook developed by NAS and the Patient Advocacy Service. This year’s publication contains a selection of the many advocacy cases worked on by both of our Services over the past year and illustrates the extent of the issues experienced by people with disabilities from inappropriate housing to insufficient supports across a broad range of services.

NAS has seen a significant growth in advocacy issues relating to financial autonomy in its overall work. This year’s Casebook spotlights a collection of ‘Access to Finance’ case studies to demonstrate the types of issues faced by those we support in trying to access and manage their money. The trend of issues showcased in the Casebook is consistent across Ireland and includes digital exclusion, third party control, financial abuse, and restrictions on autonomy. NAS has been contacted by numerous people, their families and services calling for major change and progress on this issue. In addition, the introduction of The Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act, which emphasises the presumption that everyone has capacity until proven otherwise, now places an onus on all of society to treat people with disabilities equally.

NAS is dedicated to working with key stakeholders to promote progressive systemic changes across public services for people with disabilities. This year’s casebook underlines the positive impact that Independent Advocacy has had and can have for those experiencing such challenges, and highlights the vital work undertaken by our Advocates to uphold and protect the human rights of people with disabilities.”

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