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Ukrainian People in Ireland – How We Can Help You

Case Studies



My name is Breda and I sought the support of a NAS advocate to assist me in having my wishes heard and options explored around living arrangements. Following a court ruling, I had been ordered to vacate my home. On contacting NAS, I was confined to one room on the ground level of my home due to the inaccessibility of the rest of the home. I was isolated from the community. I h...


Parenting with a Disability

My name is Marie and I’m a young mother. I have a learning disability and my child is in full time care under a court order. My advocate supported me through a full ‘care order review’ at the District Court. The advocate supported me to have my voice heard at this review by helping me to prepare for the review hearing, accompanying me to meetings with my ...


Will and Preferences being Heard

My name is Selina and I lived in a residential service for 25 years of my life. Over time, an advocate worked with me to understand how I communicate and to identify what I wanted (my will and preference), which was to live in the community. The advocate wrote on my behalf to the people who made decisions about me; expressing to them what I wanted, ...



My name is Jimmy, and I used to live in a residential service. In that service, both other residents and I were considered to be engaged in ‘challenging behaviour’. The service took the view that it was necessary to transfer me to a different residential service. I wasn’t given the opportunity to view the service or meet the other people living in the service. I wasn’t i...



My name is Tony, and in recent years I have faced a number of issues which I was supported to deal with by an advocate. My issues included a lack of support services and difficulties in my living arrangements. I felt I was being bullied by a younger family member who I lived with, and this caused me stress and anxiety which led to me being restricted in accessing the co...



My name is Patrick and I used to live in inappropriate private rented accommodation with no housing supports from the local council. The house was not accessible with no access to toileting facilities. I have a physical disability and at the time I was also experiencing mental health issues. My advocate supported me to access housing supports which resulted in an increa...


Right to Reside in the Family Home

My name is Simon and I’m 50 years old. At the time I first got in touch with NAS I was living at home with my father, whose health was deteriorating. Plans were being put in place for my Dad to enter a nursing home. I was being encouraged by my family to move into a nursing home as they felt that I wouldn’t be capable of living on my own, and that ...