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My name is Breda and I sought the support of a NAS advocate to assist me in having my wishes heard and options explored around living arrangements. Following a court ruling, I had been ordered to vacate my home. On contacting NAS, I was confined to one room on the ground level of my home due to the inaccessibility of the rest of the home. I was isolated from the community. I have a physical disability following a stroke, I’m reliant on a wheelchair, and I experience mental health difficulties. My advocate supported me to contact the council and explain the effect current living arrangements were having on my life and the impact homelessness would have on my mental health. The advocate then supported me to explore my options and to liaise with the council, CWO (community welfare officer) and housing associations. The advocate also supported me to liaise with the home care provider to ensure that the hours I was receiving would transfer with me should I move. Following extensive representative advocacy by NAS, I have now moved to a wheelchair accessible home. I now live in an independent bungalow on a campus where there is a communal area to meet others along with support with cooking and cleaning. The home support hours have transferred and increased to allow for community engagement/activities outside the home. My mental health has greatly improved since moving to new home and I am looking forward to my future here.