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Parenting with a Disability

My name is Marie and I’m a young mother. I have a learning disability and my child is in full time care under a court order. My advocate supported me through a full ‘care order review’ at the District Court. The advocate supported me to have my voice heard at this review by helping me to prepare for the review hearing, accompanying me to meetings with my solicitor and supporting me in court at the review hearing. At the review, the Child and Family Agency (TUSLA) requested that the court reduce my access to my child. I did not want to agree to this reduction and I was able to communicate this. I also outlined that I would welcome any supports available to improve access visits with my child. The court ordered that access should not be reduced and asked the Child and Family Agency to develop a plan with me, with a view to improving the quality of my access to my child. The matter is to be reviewed by the court again in one year’s time.